List of Google tools that you can use

Google always moving forward to enhance their services and performance. They are the number 1 of search engine in the world. Days by days, their provide more free and paid services that is very useful. Below is some list of Google tools that i already try and you should try too :

1.GmailEmail services
2.Google WebmasterA webmaster should use this to get their website listed on Google and to submit sitemap.
3.Google AnalyticsTo trace your website and visitor behavior.
4.Google AdwordsFor advertisement.
5.Google AdsensePlace to earn money.
6.Google PlacesListing your business/organization on Google Maps.
7.Google MapsThe world on your screen.
8.Google SitesPlace to make free web pages.

Google also offers a variety of services and tools besides its basic web search. Later, I'll discuss about above tools in this blog.
For more information visit this wiki about Google Services and Google Products

Write by Arafa Daming