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Arafa Daming - Web Design Trend

The main objective of websites is to introducing/promote your business and attract traffic; gain visitors. This visitors can be converted into real customer. So, implementation of new and attractive designs bring a great help in this direction. Here are some of my opinions about web designing nowadays :

Latest languages
The latest version of web designing languages is HTML5 and CSS3, also jQuery and MooTools continuing updating their version to improving the functionality and intercept any bug. Of course this latest languages offer more advanced features to make better design and function to the web. As HTML5, it bring better structure mark-up, using CSS3 to reduce images usage in web pages that is more light and easy load, jQuery and MooTools make the web page more interactive.

In this case, "less is more" principal applied. This is to prevent unwanted content. Compatibility and accessibility of the web page also reliable. This will lead to make visitor more relax in reading the information.

Serif Fonts:
The last decade saw most web designers choosing either Arial or Verdana for web text. This decade is likely to make a shift to Serif fonts. This is because, many browsers use high-resolution display screens and automatically increasing visitor readability.

Huge Images
We can see oversized logos or headers for a long time now. This is to create an immediate interaction with the visitors; "images content more word"

Most important features in web page is the navigation. Good navigation will make the visitors become easier in crawling the web page and increase the interest level. Nowadays, we can see a lot of navigation style; hovering, drop-down, pop-up etc.

Using the idea of mix and match with fonts is very interesting interesting. Rotating and modifying different old and new fonts will make the web page stand-up and meaningful. A website with typography is better than a page with photos, which takes a long time to load.

Slide Show
This is as a brief presentation to visitor. Now we can see a sideshow that more functionality. This easily attract visitors eye and good slide show will lead to increase interest level. With this, it can save a lot of space and mentioning the web page easily.

Mobile Design
Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and smartest smart phones that become more popular day by day. A lot of visitor come from the smart phone browser. So, mobile version become more important as a new way in viewing web page and promoting business.

Write by Arafa Daming

Improving Google search skill

Arafa Daming - Google Searching Skill
As i say at my first post. Searching information and resources at search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing(MSN) is very important. This will lead us to the right and usefull information. Now, we will talk about Google; the most popular search engine and how we improve our searching skill.
When we visit Google. Our main objective is to search a web pages that we want and the key is the query that we type-on. So, deciding a search queries is important. Here is the basic:

Basic Query
Arafa Damingfinding a keyword for Arafa and Daming
Arafa Blog OR Profilewill find information about Arafa Blog or Arafa Profile
"Arafa Daming Profile"will find the exact phase "Arafa Daming Profile"
+about Arafa Damingfind the word of about, arafa and daming, + sign force google no to ignore about
arafa -blogwill find only arafa
e-LabuanWill find the keyword for e-labuan, e labuan and elabuan
designer ~glossaryfind information about designer glossaries, as well as dictionary
Arafa-Damingwill find all term, whether spelled as a single word, a phrase, or hyphenated

To make your life easier, Google is the best tool.
Google as a calculator
+ – * /basic arithmetic, eg:12 + 34 - 56 * 7 / 8
% of percentage of, eg: 45% of 39
^ or **raise to a power, eg:2^5 or 2**5
old units in new unitsconvert units, eg: 200 MYR in USD, 130 lbs in kg, or 31 in hex

This is very usefull for designer and developer
Advanced Search
define:malaysiaProvide definitions for words, phrases, and acronyms from the Web.
site:paiarafa.blogspot.comSearch only one website or domain.
time:labuanDefine Labuan current time
info:paiarafa.blogspot.comFind info about a page, eg: cache: related: etc
From the list above, we can make a lot of new idea about our own website or blog like making a sitemap, improving SEO etc. For more information visit Google Guide.

Write by Arafa Daming

Hello World! My name is Arafa Daming

Arafa Daming - First Post

This is my first post as a blogger. I'm a web designer from Sabah, Malaysia and this is my personal blog. This blog will cover about web designing, web programming, Search Engine Optimazation(SEO), all about Google, graphics designing, photo manipulation and related fields.

Objective of this blog is to share information and as a reference to everyone and myself. In my opinion, nowadays, the faster way  to learn about web designing is from internet; from professional tutorial, forum board or blog. So, self search ability is important (searching on search engine skills) and eager to learn. Practicing also is the main key to success.

Special quote :
"Before you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you invest, investigate. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try. Before you retire, save. Before you die, give."
-- William A. Ward {American Anthropologist}

Write by Arafa Daming