Installing Wordpress on the web host (cPanel configuration)

You can install Wordpress on your own wb host just for 5 minute. Here i also include the cPanel configuration.

The method:

1. Download the latest Wordpress vesion here

2. Unzip the package in an empty directory and upload everything into your web host via ftp client.

3. Open wp-admin/install.php in your browser. Example : or or
You will see this page :
Arafa Daming - Install Wordpress in % minute

4. Just proceed by clicking "Create a Configuration File". Then you will see this page :

Arafa Daming - Configure Wordpress configuration file

5. Click "Let's go!". This page
will appear :
Arafa Daming - Wordpress Configuration

6. Leave this page and open a new tab. Go to your cPanel on web host. Choose "MySQL Database Wizard"

Arafa Daming - cPanel MySQL Wizard
7. Now, you will create a new database.

8. Then, fill the database user and password

Arafa Daming cPanel Create Database User

9. Add user privileges.

10. You are finish in making a new database for your Wordpress. Make sure you get all the database name, database user and password.

11. Then, go back to your Wordpress page to continue. Fill all the information you use to create the database on cPanel in ths page.

12. Then, run the installer.

13. Insert information about your blog in this page.

14. Success. You are done! Proceed to login.

15. Login to your blog.

16. This is your blog dashboard. Place to manage your blog layout and content.

17. Preview your blog.

18. Have a nice day. Here is the example page that i make for this tutorial.

Write by Arafa Daming