How they do phishing on Facebook (with example page)

Please note : This is for education to prevent phishing.

This tutorial will cover :
  • how they phish/spoof Facebook page (with picture)
  • how does that phishing work
  • how they sent their phisher
First : How they phish/spoof Facebook page.

They go to facebook login page and copy the source code to the notepad and save it as php file; example: faceb00k.php. The saved file will same as the original facebook login page.

Second : How does that phishing work.

They edit the saved file action to their own script. When you fill your email and password on the fake page, the email and password will be saved or sent to their email.

Third : How they sent their phisher.

They will copy facebook email and modified the mail. The link inside the email is redirect to their phishing page.Then sent the mail to your as an invitation or something else.

Do not lough or take easy for this trick. Hacker still do this method and foolish a lot of people. Please note that hacker is very smart and tricky. They got many skill and alternative to cheat you.

You can view the example phishing page here :
Fake Facebook login page.

And modified facebook email here :
Fake Facebook email invitation

This is where they store the data :
Data captured stored in .txt file or sent directly to their email.

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Write by Arafa Daming