Tools for a webmaster

A web master is a person who is responsible to manage and maintain a web pages/blog. He/she also need to make sure that the web pages/blog are indexed on the search engine. Of course, search engine will try index every web pages/blog on the internet, but it will take time and indexed a few page or every page of your web/blog.

What a webmaster need to do is to submit a site map to the search engine so that the search engine will index the web pages/blog immediately. He/she also can limit the site map to prevent the search engine to indexed unnecessary pages of the web/blog.

There are 3 major search engine that provide free webmaster tools
  1. Google : Google Webmaster tools
  2. Yahoo : Yahoo Site Explorer
  3. MSN : Bing Webmaster tools
Webmaster should use this tools wisely. A webmaster also should know how to find/create the right site map.

Write by Arafa Daming